Brownsville Texas Accident Lawyer FAQs

Why should I contact a Brownsville accident lawyer after an accident?
Accidents claims in Texas are complicated. If the other party has insurance, the insurance company may offer to settle your claim. However, is the settlement fair or does it simply cover the basics up to the policy’s limits? What about if you were partially to blame? If you were partially to blame, you may be less inclined to sue for damages but yet you may be entitled to partial compensation under Texas law. An experienced Brownsville accident lawyer can evaluate your accident and its surrounding circumstances and let you know which legal avenues are available to you.

Brownsville Texas Accident LawyerThe other party is requesting my medical records, what should I do?
Refer the other party to your Brownsville accident lawyer. You should not reveal any information, nor should you feel pressured into giving a statement to the other party’s representatives. Simply tell them to call your lawyer for the information that they are requesting.

I’ve received an attractive settlement offer from the other party. Should I take it?
Not until you have the blessing of your Brownsville accident lawyer! While a settlement may look attractive at first glance, it could be a tactical move on the other party’s part to limit their damages. An experienced accident attorney understands the law and realizes that you may be entitled to far more than the initial settlement.

When should I contact a Brownsville accident lawyer?  
As soon as medically possible. The sooner you have legal representation, the less likely you are to be pressured by the other party. In addition, you will be less likely to say anything that can later be used against you when you have an experienced attorney at your side. In addition, the state of Texas has a two year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit. If you plan on suing the other party, the lawsuit must be filed on or before the accident’s two year anniversary.

I don’t want to go to court. Do I have to file a lawsuit?
Hiring a Brownsville accident lawyer does not necessarily mean that your case is headed for a court and a jury. In fact, many accident claims are settled out of court. Your accident lawyer will guide you throughout negotiations. Reaching a satisfactory claim out of the courtroom is a noble goal that will be pursued. However, this isn’t always possible, especially if the other party is uncooperative or unrealistic. With a good attorney on your side, all avenues, including a potential lawsuit if it’s in your best interest, will be explored.

I accepted a settlement but now realize it wasn’t enough. Can I sue the other party for damages?
If you signed a settlement, the settlement is final – even if your condition worsened. If multiple parties were partially to blame, you may be able to pursue the other involved parties for damages under Texas’s shared liability laws unless you settled with those other parties as well.