Accident Attorney Brownsville Texas

Whether you’ve just been injured in an accident or are currently suffering from injuries sustained in an older accident, a Brownsville accident lawyer can help you file an accident lawsuit – if you act promptly. Texas’s two year statute of limitations places a two year limit on filing a personal injury lawsuit. In the meantime, keep the following accident do’s and don’ts in mind:


Brownsville Driver Do’s
As a driver in Brownsville, Texas, even if you haven’t yet been involved in an auto accident, you can take a proactive approach to reduce your risk and smooth the way should you later have an accident:

No matter how the accident in Texas occurred, contact a Brownsville accident lawyer for a consultation. Because Texas has shared liability laws, you may have a legal claim – even if you were partially negligent. Here at, we understand accident claims in Texas and can determine who may be to blame for your injuries. Once identified, we can help you pursue the legal avenues available to you under state law. You’ve already suffered enough. Let us help you through the next phase in your accident recovery.